Project xCloud and its future on Apple Devices

xCloud and Apple iOS, match in heaven?

Microsoft’s early cutting off of xCloud’s iOS testing has put a question mark on its future on Apple devices. The xCloud game streaming test ended a bit too earlier than expected for iOS devices yesterday.

Project xCloud and its future on Apple DevicesPin
Project xCloud and its future on Apple Devices

Microsoft was conducting these tests on iOS in a very limited fashion for quite some time now but didn’t make any concrete announcements on the release of xCloud on iOS. The only announcement made by Microsoft, earlier this week, in this context was for the Android platform. 

Talking to the Verge, Microsoft’s spokesperson said that the Project xCloud preview test flight has ended on iOS and they are focused and committed to delivering cloud gaming to its Android customers. But what could cause an abrupt end to xCloud testing on iOS?

It is being reported that Apple’s stringent app store policies are the bone of contention between the two tech giants.

It is also being reported that approximately 10,000 testers are examining Project xCloud on iOS and these accepted ones can only play and test it on Halo: The Master Chief Collection. On the contrary, the public preview on Android featured a lot of games to try for free.

And it is not just that, Apple has laid down some limits related to remote desktop clients that are way too strict, “apps are only allowed to connect to a user-owned host device or game console owned by the user. Both the Host device and client must be connected on a local network, too.”

Project xCloud and its future on Apple Devices - Games Podcasts - Games Podcast -Game Podcast -Pin
Project xCloud and its future on Apple Devices – Games Podcasts – Games Podcast -Game Podcast

Microsoft hasn’t come forward to deny or confirm the claim that this specific limitation is the cause of halt, but it is also to be noted that NVIDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadia also stopped allowing game streaming on iOS devices. Similarly, Valve’s Steam link app took almost a year to be on iOS.

It is clear that the future of Project xCloud on iOS is uncertain but if we consider the active number of iOS devices in the world which is estimated to be more than 1.4 billion, Microsoft will surely find a way to this predicament, a win-win situation.


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