Nielsen Shuts Down SuperData Gaming Division

Superdata Gaming goes down – Nielsen has decided.

In a surprise move, Nielsen has decided to shut down the SuperData gaming division. This decision is an apparent admission of Nielsen Company not achieving expected goals related to Super Data.

Nielsen Shuts Down SuperData Gaming DivisionPin
Nielsen Shuts Down SuperData Gaming Division

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Things didn’t quite work out as expected as well as intended for Super Data which resulted in its closure. Nielsen further added that its games-related services will now become an additional feature of Nielsen Sports instead of a standalone and independent entity.

Nielsen has decided to shut down the SuperData gaming divisionDown it is for SuperData Gaming!

SuperData Research was acquired by Nielsen in 2018 and was supposed to enhance offerings from its pre-existing Nielsen Gaming and Nielsen Esports products. The scope of SuperData was promising as it tracked and researched more than 160 million video game players worldwide. Moreover, its clientage could have easily included esports leagues, teams, and more in the video game space.

However, Nielsen informed its clients and staff that SuperData is closing. In a statement to SBJ, it said, “We have decided to wind down Super-Data business operations,” the statement said. “Our focus going forward will be to deliver games-related services and insights as added features and capabilities to core Nielsen Sports products and services.”

As of yet, it is not clear that how many people were employed in the department and will get effected. Only time will tell that how many will stay on board and how many will get downsized. Moreover, the company also didn’t share any details about the reasons for closure.

However, esports industry executives and experts are of the view that the gaming data space contains fierce competition and is pretty crowded. On the contrary, the esports industry couldn’t scale much due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Other big names in the gaming research space are Newzoo and Stream Hatchet.

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