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European Video Games Report 2020

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Highlights of this episode in this games podcast;

This week is Gaming & Finance. Last episode 19 I was talking to Sergei of Mail.ru Games Ventures. Today I am talking to Richard Williamson of the Edison Group. He got a report out that is called; European video games: A safe haven in troubled times, click here to read it. We talk about insights in streaming, valuations, esports and so much more. It was very interesting to get his view on the state of gaming in Europe.

European Video Games Report 2020
European Video Games Report 2020

Funding during Covid-19;

Next to that I mentioned the initiative of “The Fast Forward Games“. This initiative is brought to you by some of the leading angel investors and experienced executives in gaming, such as: Chris Lee, Ben Holmes, Akin Babayigit, Akira Ushioda, Matteo Vallone, Lior Shiff, Sekip Gokalp, Alvaro Alvarez del Rio among others.

The group has excellent access to the VC community. As part this initiative we have engaged the support of Cherry Ventures, Makers Fund, Play Ventures, and others to ensure they will fast-track opportunities that the ffwd.games initiative identifies european video games.

Lastly, check out the message of Hendrik Lesser. He is doing an biz dev online event for developers to meet publishers and investors in times like these esp. important 🙂 https://www.egbg.eu/  as you can see we already have good support by publishers. You can see the lastest updates on the website.

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Focus; European Video Games Report 2020, European Video Games Report 2020

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