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Nordic Game, or NG20, is a video game developer conference and trade show held annually in Malmö in Sweden, NG20 is November 25th-27th.

NG20 is a Video Gaming News Conference

Nordic Game is a video game developer conference and trade show held annually in Malmö, Sweden. The conference hosts lectures from the computer gaming industry and serves as a company-dating venue where developers and marketers meet. Next event is coming up, NG20 is November 25th-27th.

Second Part Interview Ivan Filletti On GamingMalta And Timothy Bendt Explains Tamatem Games, A Publising house In The Middle East

Middle East Gaming, Timothy Bendt Explains Tamatem Games

This week in Episode 41 I have the remaining parts of the interview with Ivan Filletti of MaltaGaming and Timothy Bendt of Tamatem Games. Both are the seconds parts of conversations I had earlier this month. Ivan is telling why gaming studios should land in his country and Timothy is giving us a look inside his publishing company that is focussing on the Middle East.

Tamatem Games -Jordan - Podcast - Inside Gaming News 24/7

Tamatem Games and MENA Territory

The games podcast is back, a small break and re-energyzed. Look and feel of the site has changed, better hosting, fresh new logo, new intro and outro music. So I hope you like it! Today two territories; India and the MENA. I have chat with Tim and Rahul are talking about the regions, their companies and lots about gaming what you should know.

GamingMalta, Malta and Gaming, Ivan Is Explaining What His Governmental Foundation Is Offering The Games Industry And Eitan Is The Founder Of A New Games Fund Vgames

Gaming Malta, Malta and Gaming industry in 2021

GamingMalta, Malta and Gaming, have you heard about it? Well, today an interesting talk with Ivan Filletti, who is representing his government Malta. Lots of us do know the island because of Igaming, but there is so much more. Besides being a wonderful island to relax during your holiday’s, they are working on a gaming eco-system.

Invest in Gaming - - Gaming Fund - Best Video Gaming News 2021 Is A New Gaming Investment Fund From Israel is a new games investment firm in the games industry. VGames is founded to support early stage game founders trying to turn their dreams into reality. In this episode I am talking to Eitan Reisel about his new games fund, how is looking at the games industry.

Talk with Matthew of the Iterative Indie Games Fund, FaZe Clan exec to start XSET and part 2 interview with Rob

Talk with Matthew of the Iterative Indie Games Fund

The game industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2020 alone, estimates place the market size at US$159.3 billion with a 9.3% CAGR.

According to data available on Steam, the median lifetime revenue per game is US$220,000 and the mean lifetime revenue is $2,669,000 (i.e. the tail is fat). These are extremely healthy profit margins considering the lower development cost of indie games.

Esports Be Like, And Its Business Model - Gaming News - Games Podcasts

Esports Be Like,, MegaDev And Torque Esports

Esports be like! Lately lots of news is focussing on esports. And of course with my games podcast, I am interested to learn more. So today some interesting esports companies;, and Torque Esports.

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Video Gaming News and Video Games Podcast! We’ve got it all here. You want to keep updated on all the latest game news? Well, you get the in’s and out’s, like Pay to Earn (P2E), Metaverse, Blockchain, NFT’s, Crypto Games, Free to Play, Pay to Play, PC, Mobile or Console games. It is all here on this video games news site. Have a laugh with people who like games too. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered here!

This video gaming podcast brings the latest video gaming news, game reviews and game previews of the most exciting releases, and game industry reports about the biggest gaming companies and titles in the video gaming industry.

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Every video gaming podcast episode has different guests from the video gaming industry. Different views and experiences are being shared with you. Together with the latest video gaming news, these episodes are full of insights.

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Dive into interesting research and reports.
Anything that is interesting within video games and what YOU should know, you will hear in the games podcast of Reinout! If you have interesting video games news, then please do share this with me. All about video gaming news.

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Gaming News 24/7 – Reinout te Brake –  Video Games PodcastGame ConsultantVideo Gaming News 2021


Reinout te Brake is a fully dedicated video games consultant. The focus is to incorporate solutions to trending issues that gaming developers face in today’s world. Next to that I am hands on with strategy, business development , fundraising, and M&A. Basicly everything that video game studio’s have to deal with on a 24/7 basis.


Reinout te Brake - Video Games Consulting 2021
Reinout te Brake – Video Games Consulting 2021

Games Consultancy

As we said earlier, our in-depth analysis and research on new video games, gaming products & services and innovations distinguishes him from every other games consultancy team.

Reinout possesses cutting edge expertise in each of the consulting areas as Funding, Merger and Acquisitions, and Strategy. This way he can maximize each of his video gaming client’s success.

Video Game Consultant

Reinout te Brake has at least several decades of video gaming knowledge, expertise and acumen. He is always eager to share with the outside world, some of his amazing innovations and discoveries.

Reinout’s statement is to consult shareholders, founders, management teams and video game development teams to create AAA+ video games and with that achieve outstanding business results within the video gaming industry.