Free Fortnite cup; Epic’s Fortnite event and Apple dispute

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Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, versus Apple feud has now penetrated in the upcoming Free Fortnite cup.

This event will feature anti-Apple prizes as iOS users won’t be getting any updates and will be blocked from the cup.

Epic Games is successfully placing the ongoing dispute in the limelight by using an in-game event for Fortnite. As our audience already knows that Apple has blocked Fortnite from its App Store, consequently, iOS users cannot get any new Fortnite updates, so now at the end of the ongoing season, Epic Games is closing off with the #FreeFortnite Cup. The FreeFortnite event will run across all platforms today, and it has to offer a lot of prizes based on the Epic VS Apple dispute, which also includes #FreeFortnite hats with a mockery of Apple’s logo.

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Moreover, players can also win an outfit known as Tart Tycoon which is based on the Apple-themed Big Brother that surfaced in the Epic’s Nineteen Eighty-Four short film.

And that’s not all, there’s more for the players; Epic is also giving away thousands of hardware prizes. Fans can get PS4 pro, Alienware gaming laptops, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch for free.

Fornite #freefortnitecup - Gaming NewsPin
Fornite #freefortnitecup – Gaming News

Things got heated even more between Epic and Apple after the original following a lawsuit; Apple terminated developer accounts and tools access of Epic Games. Epic responded with a restraining order, claiming that the move by Apple not only blocked Epic Games but also developers using Unreal Engine on iOS.

An important thing to note here is how Epic is involving players and fans in the ongoing dispute. Epic is the operator of the current biggest video game in the world and has power over a massive audience, and it seems to me that Epic is in the mood to weaponize its audience of millions against Apple by making them angry and creating a right hashtag that will eventually serve Epic’s interests.



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