Irreverent Labs’ new Blockchain Game gets Massive Funding from Andreessen Horowtiz.

One of the top investors in the Blockchain niche and a big name in Silicon Valley, Andreessen Horowtiz, continues to pump in the capital in blockchain gaming. In recent news, Horowitz continues to invest in Seattle-based blockchain gaming setup Irreverent Labs.

Andreessen Horowtiz And Blockchain
Andreessen Horowtiz And Blockchain

The latest funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz accumulated $40 M to support Irreverent Lab’s new game MechaFightClub.

Previously, seven months to be exact, Horowitz led a $5 Million seed round. Talking about the latest funding, Irreverent Labs CEO Rahul Sood said, “We are raising now because [Andreessen] saw no reason to wait based on our overall traction.”

A while back Sood said, “Gamers will soon realize that having ownership of the characters within the game and building a relationship with that character over time is actually a really good thing.”

MechaFIghtClub, though a fighting game involving animals like avatars, is a cruelty-free game. The game is based on blockchain technology, the genre is fighting where chicken-like fighters are pitted against each other to earn rewards.

The interesting fact about the game is that it will incorporate different emerging technologies like AI and NFTs. The game uses the Solana blockchain which hosts its NFTs and in-game unique content like “mechabots.”

Moreover, the currency it uses is known as nuggets which players can use to conduct in-game purchases and also withdraw. The game’s ecosystem plays to earn based on the nugget currency.

Andreessen Horowtiz And Blockchain
Andreessen Horowtiz And Blockchain

As for the game’s launching window, it will be available in the latter half of 2022. The game holds a lot of promise as the company has already established a healthy user base of 35000. According to Sood, the user growth is completely organic with zero marketing.

Arianna Simpson of Andreessen Horowitz said, “For all its lighthearted fun, Irreverent Labs is a deep technology company building advanced tech on top of a futuristic mecha-cockfighting game.”

Though the new funding round holds promise, Irreverent Labs faces an uphill task to convince traditional gamers that NFTs will make their gaming experience more worthy.

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