What is the Metaverse?

So what is in fact the Metaverse for Gaming?

“Metaverse” is a combination of the prefix “meta,” which means beyond, and “universe.” So, the Metaverse is a world beyond the universe.

Metaverse Gaming - Best Video Gaming News 2021Pin
Metaverse Gaming – Best Video Gaming News 2021

An otherworldly place, so to speak. In the Metaverse, virtual lands, avatars and even buildings can be bought and sold. This is most often done using cryptocurrencies. In these virtual environments, people can move around freely with their friends, attend events and buy goods and services — basically, doing the exact same things they can do in the real world.

The lockdowns, which were a result of the global pandemic, pushed people to look more into the potential of the online world, and they discovered that they could still do business and have fun at the same time, using their devices from anywhere in the world.

Many of the meta-verses in existence today are powered by blockchain technology and, to transact on these virtual worlds, a user would need cryptocurrency or nonfungible tokens (NFT‘s).

What is the MetaversePin
What is the Meta-verse

A lot of the play-to-earn games we have today have their own meta-verses with native cryptocurrencies that are used both for transactions and to receive in-game assets and rewards.

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