Weekly Gaming News Recap September 6th – September 12th 2020

Weekly Gaming News Recap September 6th - September 12th 2020 Pin

The Weekly Gaming News Recap

ladies and gentlemen, a lot has been happening lately in the gaming industry, some exciting news and announcements made headlines this week. Let’s jump right into the recap session of this week.

Get ready people because next week Sony is holding a special PS5 event. It will be a digital showcase that will feature updates from Sony game studios and third-party partners about a deeper look at some of the awesome games coming with the PS5 launch. So stay tuned to follow all the latest updates on PS this Wednesday.

Another great event this past week was conducted by Ubisoft. Its second Forward event previewed and announced upcoming games and details lined up for Q4. These games include Immortals Fenyx Rising, the return of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. And some of the new games were also announced like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake and Riders Republic. The CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot also addressed various allegations of racism, sexual harassment, and lack of diversity at their workplace.

Moving on we have Xbox Series S announcement, yes it is real now. There was an absolute avalanche of Xbox series S tweets on Twitter and everyone went bananas. The long-rumored Xbox Series S will finally hit the market on November 10 and it will be digital-only. With a lot of high-end specs like 4k media streaming, support for ray tracing, variable refresh rate this next-generation console is looking spicy!

But it is not all easy going for Epic nowadays as they have again resorted to courts to get Fortnite reinstated. Since the removal of Fortnite from Apple’s App Store, Epic has claimed that it has lost more than 60% of iOS Fortnite players. The full hearing of this mammoth case is scheduled for September 28th. A recent update is that Apple has given an indefinite extension that will let Apple users login to Fortnite as well as other Epic games.

Bad news ahead: Major down! Major down! Now let’s talk about a major esports event that has fallen due to COVID19. A sad day for the esports especially the CS community; ESL and Valve have announced that Rio Major 2020 has been canceled. The sad statement came from ESL, “We worked through several alternatives options down to the last hour to make the Major a reality, but ultimately have to face the fact that the global situation currently does not allow for a Major to take place.” It seems that Valve and ESL are determined to hold an in-arena event and dates for it will be announced when the conditions are in favor.

Weekly Gaming News Pin
Weekly Gaming News

And lastly, another bad news but this time for hackers and cheaters as Fall Guys are adding an anti-cheat in the next couple of weeks. A big update is on its way that will use Easy Anti –Cheat to stop bogus beans. Several players took to Twitter to complain about tons of cheaters in Mediatonic’s popular battle royale. But Easy Anti-Cheat won’t be enough to eliminate cheaters from the game despite its usage by Fortnite, Apex Legends, and a lot of other games. Moreover, Fall Guys is also lacking an in-game reporting system. Let’s see how the developers will counter the cheating in the game.

That is about it for this weekend folks! We will see you again next week. Take care and happy gaming!

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