Microsoft Announces Plans 3D Metaverse For Its GamesPinPin
Microsoft Announces Plans 3D Metaverse For Its Games

Microsoft Announces Plans to Develop 3D Metaverse apps for its Games. The software giant Microsoft plans to build 3D metaverse apps for its popular games. The announcement included Microsoft Teams metaverse for…

Fortnite Shut Down ChinaPinPin
Fortnite Shut Down China

Fortnite Shut down? Yes, The Chinese version of Fortnite, “Fortress Night,” will shut down on Nov. 15. The wildly popular battle-royale game, developed by Epic Games, will shut down its local Chinese…

Jam City in NFT Games With P2E Game Called Champions AscensionPinPin
South Korea's Request Removal Play-to-Earn Games From App StoresPinPin
Gaming Guilds & Crypto GamesPinPin
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Video Gaming News 

Every day the latest video gaming news about the gaming industry. Video games news on NFTs (non-fungible tokens, NFT, NFT’s) , Play to Earn (P2E/Play-to-Earn), crypto games and crypto currencies, gaming guilds, Metaverse, VR, AR, AI, Virtual Worlds, Avatars, Digital Assets, In-game digital currencies, Web3 development, Blockchain based video games and its transactions and payments in the games.

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Entertainment and all the big tech companies and technology behind it. Hyper Casual Games and the game studio’s that lead the way. Mobile games, PC games and Console Games and their vision on cloud gaming, streaming, esports and gamer communities. Online digital entertainment like movies, music, concerts, art and top brands such as fashion and much more that connect with video games in the metaverse.

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Video Gaming News Every day the latest Video Gaming News

Reinout te Brake is a Video Game Expert and but also works as a Video Game Consultant. With over 20 years of experience serving gaming companies and clients in the facets of Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Fundraising and Mergers & Acquisitions.

He leverages his years of field expertise, network and knowledge to help video games studio’s and clients succeed in their pursuit of excellence.

Reinout’s mission statement is to consult shareholders, founders, management teams and game development teams to create AAA+ video game studio’s and with that achieve outstanding business results.

The games consultancy is all about assisting the people in gaming. Besides being a mentor, Reinout is also available for board positions, or board observer. His experience with raising funding and acquisitions can help companies to succeed in a faster way.

The fundaments of his game consulting are; Mentor & Coach, Data Mining, StrategyUser AcquisitionMerger & AcquisitionFundraise & Investment, and Business Development. If you want more information about the activities of Reinout as a Video Game Consultant, you can reach out and contact him via this website, or check out his linkedin profile.

Biography Reinout te Brake

Reinout te Brake is a Game Investor, Strategic Business Consultant, and Serial Entrepreneur who has formulated numerous high-profile Gaming companies from the grounds up. He has had the luxury to play an integral role in numerous gaming companies repositioning. He excels in helping clients tackle Marketing adversities leveraging the power of Big Data.

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