Top 5 PC Games 2021 - Best Video Gaming News 2021
Top 5 PC Games 2021

PC gamers have a lot of options at their hand to get their fix like Steam, Epic Game Store, Xbox Game Pass,, etc. You can shop around at multiple venues and get the best price. Now, let’s talk about our top 5 PC games 2021.

Top 5 games - Playstation 5 - List - PS5 - 2021 - Best Video Gaming News 2021
Top 5 games list Playstation 5 for 2021

Getting your hands on a PS5 wasn’t an easy feat and if you have got yourself a one, you deserve a round of applause and a cookie. You must be wondering what to play on PS5, don’t exert much and relax; we are here with a suggestion of the top 5 games for PS5 the year 2021 that you should play on your next-gen console.

Cyberpunk 2077 Game Review - Best Video Gaming News 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 Game Review

One thing is for sure that this game is not for the impatient as Cyberpunk 2077 is slow to start asking players to go through a multi-hour prologue filled with a plethora of dialogues, character building, and unhurried introductions. The game will require you to listen, follow, and walk more than play, the things are more on the movie side. There are unskippable chit chats in the game but the good thing is that the voice acting in the game is top tier which captures your attention all the while.

Digital Games - November 2020 - Spend - Earnings - Best Video Gaming News 2021
Digital Games Earned $11.5b in November 2020

This year has been great for the gaming industry as many new records were made and previously shattered. One such record is the best revenue generated in a month that is $11.5b. If we compare it with previous year’s November, the revenue is up 15% in which the mobile rose to 9% while PC grew 22%, a new record in its own. The game behind this surging growth in PC was World of Warcraft: Shadowlands which was massively praised by the audience.

Games will become photorealistic - Gaming News
Games will become photorealistic

For Zelnick, games will have an awesome future and by the looks of it, games will become photorealistic. According to him, the reason behind such optimism is supported by various factors. The ever-growing audience, technological advancement are some of the most important factors that will make the next 30 to 40 years to be the best ever for gaming.

No in-person Fortnite Events 2021 - Epic Games - Best Video Gaming News 2021
No in-person Fortnite Events 2021 – Epic Games –

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a lot of challenges for esports and gaming events which resulted in mass cancellations and postponement. Epic regards health and safety as their top priority for both its staff and Fortnite players in these challenging times. Even if a biosecure environment is created, uncertainty still prevails and it seems that it will persist for another year.

Game Awards 2020 Record Viewership - Best Video Gaming News 2021
Game Awards 2020 Record Viewership

The gaming industry is becoming the top choice for people when it comes to entertainment and that is exactly seen in the Game Awards where the audience grew to 84% year-on-year. The audience tally reached a whopping 83 million for this year’s Game Awards, a number which can be easily compared to the Academy Awards.

EA takes over Codemasters - Best Video Gaming News 2021
Electronic Arts takes over Codemasters

Take-Two’s attempt to takeover Codemasters has been all for naught as EA made a much higher and successful bid of $1.2 billion to acquire the UK racing specialist gaming studio.

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