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Cyberpunk Launch Statistics

Despite all these powerful stats and hype, CD Projekt Red stock fell to 29% from PLN 443 per share after the launch. The decline was surprising and can be attributed to complaints of bugs and glitches by the players on social media and game streaming platforms. But still, it is speculated that this game will likely become the tenth biggest selling game of all time with a projected sale of 29.7 million units.

MTG acquires Hutch Games for $375 million

Hutch witnessed an increase of 158% year-on-year during the first nine months of the current year. The CEO of Hutch Games also released a statement and said, “We are excited to join MTG—in them we have found a home that believes in our values, supports us in our mission and can help take our company and our games to the next level.”

EG7 Acquires Daybreak for $300 million

As you all know that the Holiday Season is just around the corner and everyone is on a shopping spree may it be adults, kids, or gaming corporations. Yes, you read that right, EG7 continued its holiday shopping and bought Daybreak Game Company. Daybreak is famous for EverQuest, H1Z1, and other various multiplayer games.

VR content spending crosses $1 billion in 2020

Moreover, the report also indicated a surge in the growth of VR in 2020 thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide. The demand got sky-rocketed but the supply, on the contrary, got disrupted due to “manufacturing challenges in the first half of 2020 and the November launch of next-gen games consoles diverting gamers’ attention and budget.”

Esports, Gaming and Marketing trends

Esports and the gaming industry are capitalizing on the scene of marketing trends in a way that more people watch esports than the NBA and Major Baseball League in the US. In an interview with Forbes, Thamba Tharmalingam COO of Enthusiast Gaming shares exciting insights about the potential of the gaming industry and how marketers can take advantage of this massive shift in the entertainment industry.

Inside Video Gaming News 24/7

Inside Video Gaming News 24/7 is a project of! Every day the gaming industry is growing. On this site Reinout te Brake is keeping you updated on the latest video gaming news.

Daily the latest video gaming news about your favorite games. Updates on Esports, PC, Mobile and Console games. Reviews and Previews of the latest digital games. Also inside scoops, trends, reports and interesting financials/reports of the game studios behind these great games.

Reinout te Brake is an Online Video Gaming Expert and Video Games Strategy Consultant with 20+ years of experience serving gaming companies and clients in the facets of Business Strategy, Corporate Business Development, Fundraising, Mergers & Acquisitions, and aspects of marketing.

Reinout is adept in offering consultancy services to gaming stakeholders, games studio founders, and management teams tailored to help them eradicate the barriers restricting technical, operational, strategic, and commercial acclivity.

He leverages his years of field expertise, network and knowledge to help gaming companies and clients succeed in their pursuit of excellence.

Game Consultant
Game Consultant – Video Gaming News

Stay informed about the video game industry with our industry news. Latest gaming updates from our podcast host. Reinout is a game consultant, but also a game journalist. If you want a game scoop, you can to the right site. All the good games get their spotlight, from retro games to kinda funny news on nintendo switch.

Video Game Consultant

Through the years I advise, as a game consultant, different games companies and people in the gaming industry.

For example I am consulting/advising various shareholders of game companies, but also the founders of game studios and the  management teams of gaming studios. The focus is always to reach outstanding financial and business results within todays gaming industry.

Gaming is growing very fast. But it is not a walk in the park to run a gaming company.

Therefore I belief it is very essential to have an experienced game consultant like myself that can guide, advice, introduce and help you with all sort of decision making along the way.

Reinout te Brake - Video Games Consulting
Reinout te Brake – Video Games Consulting

If you are interested to learn more about my services, then feel free to contact me.

What Is A Video Game Consultant?

This question I do get a lot! The definition of a game consultant to me is someone who provides expert advice on corporate business development, strategy, marketing and coaching professionally.

It is my job as a video game consultant to provide insights and recommendations that help game companies improve their chances for business and financial success.

About Game Consultant

I am a fully dedicated game consultant. My focus is to incorporate solutions to trending issues that gaming developers face in today’s world.

Next to that I am hands on with business development , fundraising, M&A and user acquisition, basicly everything that game studios have to deal with on a 24/7 basis.

My in-depth analysis and research on new games, products, services and innovations distinguishes me from every other game consultancy teams.

I see myself as solution provider to these lingering issues and assist with important topics like corporate strategy, but also assist with scalability of your game portfolio and engagement of your gamer community. understands the principles of creating synergies in the long run by having and controlling increased market share, broad customer base, and corporate strength of business. We help game studios to strategically acquire another game studio, or be acquired by another gaming company.

In the last five years, mobile gaming has grown from the smallest segment of the gaming market to a USD$70bn industry. It’s unsurprising that the past couple of years has been huge for mobile gaming acquisitions, from Zynga buying Gram Games to Niantic adding VR-focused Seismic Games.

Therefore, we encourage all interested investors to understand the risks and rewards of investing and we assure them of an amazing experience with us. We also combine business activities and overall performance efficiency to understand the company’s strengths. We also help in eliminating competition as much as possible.

From identifying targets to acquire, making contact, setting up meetings to see if there is a fit, up to the level of contracting and outsourcing. We advise clients with several interesting M&A topics. As our founder holds shares in various gaming companies, the expertise we hold and deliver is up to date, but also with an eye for the (near) future.

We task ourselves with advising to secure acquisitions, or establishing control via gaming vehicles to facilitate market consolidation.

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