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The latest news about NFT, Play-to-Earn, Metaverse, VR, AR, Virtual Worlds, BlockChain and the technology, hyper casual gaming and game studio’s that lead the way, mobile games, PC games and console games and the vision on streaming. Entertainment like movies, music and fashion!

Harmonix, Developer Of Rock Band, Joins Epic Games

Epic games acquires musical game developer Harmonix and its game Rock Band. Epic games continues expansion for its future projects related to Metaverse as well as Fortnite. Harmonix announced the news on its blog post and termed the day of joining the Epic games family as ‘monumental’. The music game genre is a popular one…

Video Gaming Industry Newest Trend; Play to Earn Games

Play to Earn games and what it tells about the new digital economy in the making. There are more than 3 billion gamers around the globe that Play video games. The game industry not only created a digital Entertainment space but also provided opportunities to make money. Earn big bucks! Some of the players become…

South Korea Bans NFT Games

NFT Video games in South Korea Facing Ban despite Popularity. South Korea has one of the leading NFT based games in the industry, yet these video games are still banned in the country. MIR4 is a famous Play-to-Earn game developed by WeMade, a South Korean-based video game studio. The game ranks in the top ten…

Chinese Metaverse Not For Foreign Gaming Companies?

American gaming Companies Recent Setbacks in China a Huge Blow for A Chinese Metaverse. The outlook of Metaverse looks bleak in China amid recent American video games company blows. The challenges faced by Roblox and Epic games in mainland China could mean a Metaverse with no foreign video gaming companies. China is famous for its…

Microsoft veteran Rahul Sood Raises $5mio For NFT, Metaverse and Blockchain

Andreessen Horowitz Leads $5M for Rahul Sood Irreverent Labs. A new Seattle-based startup led by Microsoft veteran Rahul Sood caught the attention of investors in Silicon Valley. Rahul Sood is a seasoned entrepreneur and now following the recent trend, launches a new gaming venture where he plans to introduce machine learning, NFT’s, BlockChain, and Metaverse

NFT and Video Games Industry, all you need to Know

The video games industry is talking a lot about NFT. What do you need to know? As a video gamer, you must have heard the term NFT’s in the past year or so and it is confusing. NFT’s are concerned with crypto and BlockChain kind of stuff but why is it being linked to gaming?…

Video Game Industry Welcomes Metaverse

The Video game Industry has a lot more Ambition when it comes to Metaverse. From novels to movies to the technology industry to video games, the Metaverse is having quite a splendid transition. The idea gained powerful momentum in the past couple of years and many investors, tech giants, and gaming studios are hopping on…

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Aware Of Sexual misconduct

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick was aware of the sexual misconduct, reports in the company. Recently, Activision Blizzard has found itself under hot waters as multiple regulatory investigations are initiated over the complaints of sexual misconduct. Bobby Kotick, the longtime CEO of Activision, showed remorse and apologized for ‘not doing enough for the company’s employees during…

Roblox Plans Bringing Video Games To Classrooms

Roblox is in the process of further expansion as it now plans to enter the educational domain by introducing educational video games. The plan is to reach classrooms all around the globe to capture pre-teen demography and impart education via video games. This will also add up to the next evolutionary step of the internet…

Tencent Metaverse Plan

The video gaming and social media giant Tencent has finally rolled out its plans for its Metaverse; Tencent Metaverse! Tencent shared the teaser plans for the Metaverse in its earning calls. Before Tencent, it was Facebook that took initiative and shared its $10 billion investment plans for the Metaverse. Zuckerberg’s plan didn’t provide much for…

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