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Nordic Game, or NG20, is a video game developer conference

Nordic Game is a video game developer conference and trade show held annually in Malmö, Sweden. The conference hosts lectures from the computer gaming industry and serves as a company-dating venue where developers and marketers meet. Next event is coming up, NG20 is November 25th-27th.

Middle East Gaming, Timothy Bendt Explains Tamatem Games

This week in Episode 41 I have the remaining parts of the interview with Ivan Filletti of MaltaGaming and Timothy Bendt of Tamatem Games. Both are the seconds parts of conversations I had earlier this month. Ivan is telling why gaming studios should land in Malta and Timothy is giving us a look inside his publishing company that is focussing on the Middle East.

Tamatem Games and MENA Territory

The games podcast is back, a small break and re-energyzed. Look and feel of the site has changed, better hosting, fresh new logo, new intro and outro music. So I hope you like it! Today two territories; India and the MENA. I have chat with Tim and Rahul are talking about the regions, their companies and lots about gaming what you should know.

Gaming Malta, Malta and Gaming industry in 20201

GamingMalta, Malta and Gaming, have you heard about it? Well, today an interesting talk with Ivan Filletti, who is representing his government Malta. Lots of us do know the island because of Igaming, but there is so much more. Besides being a wonderful island to relax during your holiday’s, they are working on a gaming eco-system. Is A New Gaming Investment Fund From Israel is a new games investment firm in the games industry. VGames is founded to support early stage game founders trying to turn their dreams into reality. In this episode I am talking to Eitan Reisel about his new games fund, how is looking at the games industry.

Blockchain And Games, Great Insights By Robby Yung, CEO Of Animoca Brands

In this episode I wanted to learn more how blockchain can work for game developers. A company that is quite often in the news, when it is about blockchain and games is Animoca Brands. So who better could I talk to then the CEO himself; Robby Yung.

Talk with Matthew of the Iterative Indie Games Fund

The game industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2020 alone, estimates place the market size at US$159.3 billion with a 9.3% CAGR.

According to data available on Steam, the median lifetime revenue per game is US$220,000 and the mean lifetime revenue is $2,669,000 (i.e. the tail is fat). These are extremely healthy profit margins considering the lower development cost of indie games.

Esports Be Like,, MegaDev And Torque Esports

Esports be like! Lately lots of news is focussing on esports. And of course with my games podcast, I am interested to learn more. So today some interesting esports companies;, and Torque Esports.

Darcy Lorincz Of Torque Esports (Engine Media)

Torque Esports is focused on accelerating new, live, immersive esports and interactive gaming experiences for consumers through its partnerships with traditional and emerging media companies and providing online interactive technology platforms and monetization services.  I had an amazing insightful talk with Darcy Lorincz, who is the COO of Torque Esports. Torque Esports will be under the umbrella of Engine Media, together with Winview and Frankly.

Niklas Of GameBuddy Talks About His Esports Company

Team based challenges, where you are not only striving for victory but also live challenges, power to the fans, who can vote for which challenge the streamer has to engage with and to which fans are being monetized.

Hype Esports Is The 1st Global Esports Accelerator, The Program Is Trying To Solve The Esports Industry’s Real Problems

Borja Varela, who is the program director of Hype Esports, explains the Hype esports accelerator. They call themselves “the 1st global esports accelerator”.

The Evolution Of Helsinki’s Gaming Ecosystem

Interesting article in my inbox last week. Helsinki and gaming. Some takes from my friend Joakim about what Helsinki’s game environment is lacking and what needs to be done;  “Ultimately, getting the right mix of creative and data talent will evolve Helsinki to the next stage.”

Carlos Estigarribia Talks About Gaming in Latin America (LATAM)

In Episode 8 I did ask Carlos Estigarribia some questions concerning Latin America, or LATAM as people call it. Gaming in LATAM. You can listen to this episode to get to know more about game studios, publishers and more. Today I want to know more Esports, localization of games, game events and other interesting topics that you should know about when targetting LATAM for your games.

Mobile Growth Association (MGA) And Their June Event MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0 For Mobile Marketing Professionals

Some weeks ago I had a chat with Dave Westin of Mobile Growth Association (MGA), I have known Dave for a very long time. He updated me about their upcoming event MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0 and their roadmap for 2020-21. Local communities is part of their plan. It sounded very exciting and he mention I should talk to the CEO of this association, Jen Laloup. I did a fun and interesting interview with her.

Investor Aðalsteinn “Alli” Óttarsson Talks About Gaming Investments.

Gaming Investments, the topic of Episode 28. His name is Aðalsteinn Óttarsson, but his friends are calling him; “Alli”. He is an investor in the gaming industry. He has been in leading positions in companies like CCP Games and Riot Games. We talk about the investment  in gaming, landscape, the pitchdecks, future of gaming and what is he playing himself.

Esports And Legal With Justin Jacobson, when does your esports team need legal help

Esports And Legal With Justin Jacobson, Items of Joakim and Cris, Indie Games Spotlight And Nordic Game Online Update

Esports In Southeast Asia Is Booming And EVOS Esports has A Clear Roadmap

EVOS Esports is the leading esports organization in Southeast Asia, and has won numerous world championship titles; Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship (M1) 2019 and Free Fire World Cup 2019.

Joakim About Supercell And Five Items That Stood Out​

Supercell is one of the rare companies that doesn’t try to beat the competition; rather, it tries to beat the high score set by its own prior games. To date, Supercell has created multiple genre-defining games and generated billions in revenues — all with little more than 300 employees (!).

Xsolla Is The Video Games Business Engine – Dmitry Burkovskiy

Main guest interview of today is with Dmitry Burkovskiy of Xsolla. Their slogan is “Xsolla is the video game business engine! Our set of solutions helps you improve operations and sell more.” Dmitry is explaining more indepth.

Kate Edwards About Her Passion For The Global Game Jam

Kate Edwards About Her Passion- In episode 23 I am talking to Kate Edwards. Our talk is about people in gaming. Cause this is what makes Kate ‘tick’. She cares about the people that make the games industry (complete).

Episode 22; Yvette Wohn studies the role of algorithms and social interactions in livestreaming, esports, gaming, and social media

Dr. Wohn’s research area is human-computer interaction in the context of social media, focusing on non-conscious use of technology, such as media habits, and their relation to psychological well-being and interpersonal relationships. She also studies how social media can help with social support and social identity.

How to brand your games and game studio with Jussi Solja and the Report from Akmal Soliev about gaming in SEA region

In episode 21 I am talking about branding. Not only for your game studio, but also for your games and in your games, like how is the story telling matching the visuals and therefore how you communicate with your gamer community. Jussi Solja of Superbeast is an exciting talker when it comes to all of this.

Interview about ‘European Video Games’ report with Richard Williamson of the Edison Group and Fast Forward Games, a Covid-19 initiative

This week is Gaming & Finance. Last episode 19 I was talking to Sergei of Games Ventures. Today I am talking to Richard Williamson of the Edison Group. He got a report out that is called; European video games: A safe haven in troubled times, click here to read it. We talk about insights in streaming, valuations, esports and so much more. It was very interesting to get his view on the state of gaming in Europe.

Gaming acquisitions Q1 2020, Sergei Evdokimov, highlights in gaming and more

In this episode I have Sergei Evdokimov, an investment associate at Games Ventures. We talk about Gaming acquisitions and investments Q1 2020. Interesting to hear that Investors and funds pumped more than $700 million game startups in the first quarter.

Cris Reed, Joakim Achren, companies GameBuddy and AfterMath and the latest game news

In this episode 18 esport item of Chris Reed, of The Level Up Experience, with “Reed Thinks”, Joakim Achren, of Elite Game Developers, with his highlights of gaming industry and two companies to watch. Niklas send me a deck of GameBuddy and Kim of Aftermath.

Gaming News, esports item of Cris Reed, Two companies to watch and #PlayApartTogether campaign

#PlayApartTogether is 40 more game companies have joined the World Health Organization (WHO) #PlayApartTogether coronavirus awareness campaign. And more the campaign has gained more than 4.7 billion consumer media impressions worldwide.

User Acquisition Advise from Oliver Kern

In this episode I get to talk to Oliver Kern of Target Gamers. We talk about user acquisition in general, but also about how to adjust your user acquisition in games during this Covid-19 period and after the virus. Can and will consumer, read gamers, still be able to spend as much as before. How can you predict LTV, lifetime value? What can we expect today and later this year from other metrixs like retention, cost per install, CPM/advertising for your game and in your game.

Doki Tops of about Cloud gaming, streaming and indie game developers

Episode 15 is about Cloud Gaming – People that worked with me on this episode; Doki Tops of and Cris Reed of The Level Up Experience.

What will Covid-19 Corona Virus do with the Games Industry 2020-2022?

In this episode 14 I am asking a few questions besides my take on what might happen in the games industry! I am inviting you to come and brainstorm. Let other people know, that I am trying to get something going here, where we, as a gaming industry, compare notes/thoughts/ideas. What can we expect from ourselves, the consumer and more.

Gaming news overview by Reinout te Brake

Gaming News; A quick overview of the latest game news. One interesting thing. Appsflyers is predicting increase for 2022 in user acquisition. My question is; In the light of the coronavirus, can you seriously predict this?

Jacob and Teddy explain Nordic Game, New item (Cris) Reed thinks is about esports and latest gaming news

In this episode 12 I have Jacob Riis and Teddy Florea. Jacob is the organiser, CCO, and Host, Nordic Game Conference + Nordic Game Discovery Contest at Nordic Game Resources AB. Teddy is Director of Business Development at Nordic Game Resources AB. They explain me everything you need to know about Nordic Game. Fun interview it was.

Oscar Clark, Former Evangelist for Papaya Mobile, Applifier and Unity Technologies

Interview with Oscar Clark- The whole interview you can listen here. It was a magical an hour. I just couldnt stop him and that is the format! Get industry people to talk, explain, share their vision, war stories, the do’s & don’t’s and more.

Promo Episode 11; Mister Oscar Clark, Mister Unity, Mister Experience in Gaming 20+ years

Are you an indie developer? Wonder how to develop your game? Publish your game, do user acquisition in a good way, which gaming events to visit and so much more? I talk to mister Oscar Clark, 20+ in the gaming business. He can tell you to do’s and the don’t.

Interviews Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat and Odile Limpach

First interview is with Professor Odile Limpach teaches economics and entrepreneurship at the Cologne Game Lab. Second interview is with Dean Takahashi, who is the lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat.

Promo Episode Dean Takahashi, the Lead Writer of GamesBeat and Odile Limpach, author of The publishing Challenge for independent videogame developers

Talking to Dean Takahashi of Gamesbeat. Dean Takahashi is the lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. He has been a tech journalist for more than 28 years, and he has covered games for 21 years. He has been at VentureBeat since 2008.

Special Podcast about the risks of Game Conferences and should we go online with these conferences

I spoke with Michael Liebe, who is organizing GamesWeekBerlin. He reached out and we discussed the topic of game conferences these days and the coronavirus- (Risks of Game Conferences) How is it to be in his position? How is the gaming industry responding? What are other options, online conferences, VR, and much more?

Indie Game devs LATAM and Gaming, Games For Change, Beat the Intro and more

Indie Game Devs LATAM and Gaming- Episode 8 with Corona hits gaming industry, LATAM and Gaming, Games For Change, Beat the Intro and more!

Promo Episode 8 Game Consultant, gaming news and the weekly games industry podcast

In Episode 8 of Game Consultant some very interesting topics, besides the lastest gaming news.

ESL And Corona Virus, Kicked up of appartment and sell to Ubisoft, Israel and Games and Game Consultant Jay Powell

#IEM Katowice 2020, David Neichel responded on my question ‘what to expect for  esports events in the near future’

Corona Corona! The virus has hit the Games Industry

The Corona virus has hit the gaming industry hard. Corona is also know as Covid-19. At this moment we are hearing that because of Corona many events will be cancelled.

Promo Episode 7 with Guy Ben-Dov and Daniel Stammler of Kolibri Games

Today; Start up life in Gaming; Daniel Stammler, CEO of Kolibri Games, acquired by Ubisoft. Gaming in Israel, Guy Ben-Dov is giving us an update

Deconstructor of Fun, Recruitment in Games, Game News and Game Companies to Watch

Michael is going to explain what  Deconstructor of Fun. I am always reading their linkedin update. Super interesting. Marc of Game Recruiter is explaining the world of recruitment, How to get the best people for your studio.

Tim Sweeney of Epic Games, Esports, facts and Figures, Legal in Games, Workshop by BizTech and Elite Game Developers

30 minutes of gaming update  with Tim Sweeney of Epic Games. Hope you will enjoy it. I want to thank the following people for assisting with answers to my questions; – Joakim Achrén Of Elite Game Developers

GDC and Corona Virus, Mobile Game Revenues, Funding and Marketing

GDC and Corona Virus; This year’s annual Game Developers Conference has been postponed amid growing concern about the international coronavirus outbreaks. The event, which has run since 1988, was expected to take place from March 16th–20th in San Francisco.

Topics like China, GameBizCon, GameRefinery, Big Karma Games and more!

Big Karma Games  – GameBizCon with Dirk Schmitt had a conference this week, a jury selected a top 10. Realy nice talking to people via video calls, but also the panels were realy great.

Why da heck are we going to game conferences?

Why da heck are you going to game conferences?  My personal view what should be crucial for the gaming space when it comes to gaming conferences. Also a bit about myself, improve the podcast.

What is a game consultant?

This question I do get a lot! The definition of a game consultant to me is someone who provides expert advice on corporate business development, strategy, marketing and coaching professionally.

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