Video Game Interview

Video Game Interview

Every week on the Sunday, 9pm (Amsterdam), 12/Noon (SF), 3pm (NY), Reinout wants to host a video games podcast where we talk with gaming people about….life!

Next to the games podcast every sunday where it is all about gaming, this video games podcast is about LIFE!

Reinout te Brake - Video Games Consulting 2021Pin
Reinout te Brake – Video Games Consulting 2021

The world has been shocked lately with Covid and lockdown, Diversity on the workfloor, Trump and his Visa Freeze and so much more.

We feel that gaming has taken a very significant role in everybody’s life, as an industry we are an example to many. Kids, parents but also our collegues itself. There is no good or wrong, there are learnings, we cannot forget the past, but we can make the future better!

During one hour Reinout wants to talk to all types of gaming people, like yourself!

Thoughts, the pains, all kinds of feelings and ideas/visions and share this with our viewers. People that watch live can ask questions and participate, but we know that not everyone can watch this live, so you can watch it later on.

Interested to join us, contact either of us here!

Reinout te Brake; Game Consultant - Best Video Gaming News 2021Pin
Reinout te Brake; Game Consultant – Best Video Gaming News 2021

Next to my games podcasts I am also video interviewing people about all things in gaming and real life. My video games podcasts interviews are with two or more gaming people at the same time. During thee interviews viewers get to learn  more about the people of the gaming industry, from CEO’s to UA specialistst, from Marketeers to Game streamers till Proffessional Esporters. I am trying to let them share their thoughts on gaming but also real life challenges. During my career I have build up an extensive network of interesting gaming experts, so expect interesting people with interesting opinions and insights.


Reinout is a games investor and strategic business consultant specializing in the games industry. Reinout established his credentials through his own successful investments, start-ups, consulting and (advisory) board positions that led through time to strong bonds with key stakeholders in this fast paced industry. He is known for his outstanding results in the gaming industry. He has worked with many game studios around the globe and is therefore well known in the international gaming industry.

With over 20+ years of experience, well known publishers, AAA+ game developers, serial gaming entrepreneurs and management teams of gaming corporations consult him on matters that behold financial, technical, operational, strategic and commercial.

Video Game InterviewPin
Video Game Interview
Video Game Podcast Interviews hosted by Reinout te Brake – Game Podcast – Games Podcasts – Video Game Podcast –

I am observing and overseeing several boards of gaming companies. My trademark is to listen, strategize and give feedback to the stakeholders involved. I also represent management/founders towards shareholders and vice versa.

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