Top Games on Steam in 2020


According to Steam Users to be precise! Let’s talk about what gamers think were the top games of 2020 on Steam. We have gathered the stats based on Steam users rating and we kid you not there are some surprises in the list.

Steam is on a roll as we mentioned in a recent article.

When we look at the best-rated games of 2020 on the streaming platform, the stats show interesting insights into what people loved in games and loved enough to care about posting reviews. The top 3 games rated highest by users on streaming platform are Hades, Factorio, and Phasmophobia. Yes, you must be surprised already but wait for the top 10 list. Most of you guys won’t be familiar with Phasmophobia, it is a co-op horror game that has received a lot of attention praise from the gamers this past year. Phasmophobia has received a whopping 99% positive reviews in Early Access.


Now let’s check out the top 10 list:

  1. Hades
  2. Factorio
  3. Phasmophobia
  4. Helltaker
  5. Half-Life: Alyx
  6. The Henry Stickmin Collection
  7. Risk of Rain 2
  8. Deep Rock Galactic
  9. Persona 4 Golden
  10. Satisfactory

What is evident from user reviews based on top games is that Nostalgia is addictive and is one strong drug. Most of these games take us back to the flash era games. In addition to nostalgia, the slapstick gags are still being well received and liked by the gamers after decades.

Top Games on Steam in 2020Pin
Top Games on Steam in 2020

When we look at the top 25 games, we have plenty more surprises like There is no Game: Wrong Dimension grabs the 14th spot; a comedy adventure game. At #23 and 24 is and Little Witch Nobeta respectively. Both games surprised many as is an abstract factory game and Little Witch Nobeta is more like a cuter version of Dark Souls.

If you want to take a look at the complete list, visit the Steam 250 website as they have gathered all the stats and data for geeky gamers.

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