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These days I still get questions about my line of work. What is it that you do? That is not easy to explain. But let me give it a shot. Hello, I am Reinout te Brake, and I am a Gaming Consultant.

Every day I make sure I stay on top of the news and share my gaming news and opinions on my own gaming podcast site. Obviously I use social media to share this with people of the gaming industry. Normaly I do receive mails and whatsapps from people that either respond on what I share or they inform me about interesting scoops, which I can use for other blog postings.

Next to that I have calls throughout the week to talk to people from the games space. These talks are about everything. Funding for gaming companies, business development, strategy, M&A and so on.

Next to that I have to do my normal work. I have a list of clients, which are a diversity of gaming practices. Private equity companies, venture capitalists firms, game studio’s and more.

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Lastly Reinout te Brake hold stakes in a variety of gaming companies. And this means I need to look after my own interests too.

All in all, I am living and breathing gaming! Its fun and also rewarding. A dynamic mix of activities make my days go sometimes faster then I wish for. As said the life of a game consultant is never boring.

I almost forgot. During my busy schedule I also host my own gaming podcast. I have made many episodes, which I do hope you will like. Sometimes there is not enough time, but rest asure, I’ll remain doing it.

If you wish more information, then feel free to reach out to me;

Stay safe!