Online Game Conferences

Risks of Game Conferences - I spoke with Michael Liebe, who is organizing Games Week Berlin. He reached out & discussed game & corona virus.Pin

Online Game Conferences

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Online Game ConferencesPin
Online Game Conferences

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I spoke with Michael Liebe, who is organizing GamesWeekBerlin. He reached out and we discussed the topic of game conferences these days and the coronavirus- (Risks of Game Conferences) How is it to be in his position? How is the gaming industry responding? What are other options, online conferences, VR, and much more?

Who is Michael?
You organize GamesWeekBerlin, tell something more about it?
Current status; Corona Corona, what is your take?
What do you think of online conferences, they pop up a lot these days?
Main topic; financial risks of event organizers versus health, is it a hype?

Risks of Game Conferences- Other episodes of my podcast you can find here;


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