Nordic Game, or NG20, is a video game developer conference

Nordic Game, or NG20, is a video game developer conference

Update Gaming News; Nordic Game is a video game developer conference and trade show held annually in Malmö, Sweden. The conference, or better said game event, hosts lectures from the computer gaming industry and serves as a company-dating venue where developers and marketers meet. Next event is coming up, NG20 is November 25th-27th. You can register online here.

I had a chat with Jacob. He explains everything about the upcoming event. You can listen to the episode here!


As the leading games conference in Europe they have a lot to offer, with twice the Nordic Game experience this November filled with the best speakers from the global industry.

Nordic Game, or NG20, is a video game developer conferenceAre you visiting NG20?

Nordic heroes and access to countless games industry professionals via MeetToMatch with video conferencing, a host of networking and social events on Discord, as well as the highly anticipated Nordic Game, NG20, Discovery Contest Season IV online finals and much, much more.

I talked to Jacob before, it was about the Nordic Event earlier this year.

Nordic Game, or NG20, is a video game developer conference
Nordic Game, or NG20, is a video game developer conference


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