Why da heck are we going to game conferences?

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Game conferences

Game-Consultant.com Podcast time; Why da heck are you going to game conferences?  My personal view what should be crucial for the gaming space when it comes to gaming conferences. Also a bit about myself, improve the podcast.

game conference is a gathering centered on role-playing games, collectible card games, miniatures wargames, board games, video games, or other types of games. These conventions are typically two or three days long, and often held at either a university or in a convention center hotel.

Furtheron more information about Game Consultant;

Through the years I advise different gaming companies and people in the games industry.

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Game conferences

For example I am consulting/advising various shareholders of game companies, but also the founders of game studios and the  management teams of gaming companies. The focus is always to reach outstanding financial and business results within todays gaming industry.

Gaming is hot topic and is growing very fast. BUT; it is not a walk in the park to run a company that is focussing on this industry.

Therefore I belief it is very essential to have an experienced game consultant like myself that can guide, advice, introduce and help you with all sort of desiscion making along the way.

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Reinout te Brake – Video Games Consulting 2021

If you are interested to learn more about my services, then feel free to call and /or mail me. Let’s connect and talk!

Inside Gaming News 24/7 - Reinout te Brake -  Games Podcast - Game Consultant - Best Video Gaming News 2021
Inside Gaming News 24/7 – Reinout te Brake –  Games PodcastGame Consultant – Best Video Gaming News 2021
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