Doki Tops of about Cloud gaming, streaming and indie game developers

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Doki Tops of about Cloud gaming, streaming and indie game developers
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Doki Tops & Cloud gaming;

Episode 15 is about Doki Tops and Cloud Gaming – People that worked with me on this episode; Doki Tops of and Cris Reed of The Level Up Experience.; Utomik is your PC gaming subscribtionPin; Utomik is your PC gaming subscribtion

Quick word; The games industry is doing realy well during this lockdown. All good, but lets make sure that we, as an industry, will also look after people that are being hurt, financially, physically and emotionally. It is our audience(s) that is under pressure by COVID19, the corona virus. Let’s make sure we also do our part to make the world healty and secure again!

Interview today was with Doki Tops. He explains Utomik. Utomik is your unlimited play PC gaming subscription service with a weekly growing library. Their pitch is; Dive into 1000+ PC Games instantly. Your unlimited play subscription! Try the best pc-game subscription service 14-days free! New games added weekly. No Video Streaming. Family Fun. Don’t Wait. Just Play. Cancel Anytime. One Subscription. Try For Free. Discover More., Doki Tops  and Cloud GamingPin, Doki Tops and Cloud Gaming

And of course the weekly item about esports; Reed Thinks. Cris is giving his perspective on esports. Tech, finance and investors today!


Reinout is a games investor and strategic business consultant specializing in the games industry. Reinout established his credentials through his own successful investments, start-ups, consulting and (advisory) board positions that led through time to strong bonds with key stakeholders in this fast paced industry. He is known for his outstanding results in the gaming industry. He has worked with many game studios around the globe and is therefore well known in the international gaming industry.

With over 20+ years of experience, well known publishers, AAA+ game developers, serial gaming entrepreneurs and management teams of gaming corporations consult him on matters that behold financial, technical, operational, strategic and commercial.

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I am observing and overseeing several boards of gaming companies. My trademark is to listen, strategize and give feedback to the stakeholders involved. I also represent management/founders towards shareholders and vice versa.

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