Live game streaming Q2 report

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Live game streaming Q2 report is out!

As the pandemic danced in streets throughout the world, wreaking havoc and inculcating uncertainty, randomness, and a roller coaster ride in every business and market, one thing remained consistent and uniform throughout this whole time; the surge in live streaming platforms.

Live game streaming Q2 report Pin
Live game streaming Q2 report

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The Q2 of this year witnessed a fairly uniform growth according to a study by StreamElements.

In the second-quarter report on live streaming by StreamElements and co-partner Facebook Gaming and Twitch showed a significant surge in watch hours on their respective platforms for April till June.

Now lets talk numbers shall we, Twitch recorded approximately 5.2 billion hours in Q2, a jump of 56% when compared with Q1.

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Live game streaming Q2 report – Game PodcastGames PodcastsGames Podcast

The peak was recorded in April with a whooping 1.8 billion watch hours which eventually took a bit of decline path over May and June. But when contrasted with Q1, all three months were well ahead.

A similar pattern is witnessed when Facebook Gaming is analyzed, a growth of 75% in watch hours is recorded quarter over quarter. The peak reached in May with 342 million watch hours and declined slightly in June to 334 million hours.

The CEO of StreamElements Doron Nir made some fascinating insights on streaming behavior. The company noted a remarkable increase in non-gaming content especially in the categories of music, Just Chatting, Outdoors, and Travel categories.

And when asked about Twitch, Nir said that streaming is dominated by international streamers residing outside North America. The top four streamers on Twitch hail from countries other than the US, and if we talk about the top 10 they are all French, Spanish, and Portuguese speakers.

Similarly, Facebook Gaming Is getting a lot of responses from around the world especially in places like Asia and Latin America. Following streamers ruled Twitch in June, Gaules (Brazil), xQc (Canada), AuronPlay (Spain), Pestily (Australia), and Tyler1 (USA.



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