Worldwide XR Revenue Update: Q2 2020

Worldwide XR Revenues Report Q3 of 2020 - Best Video Gaming News 2021Pin

Worldwide XR Revenue Update: Q2 2020

A while ago, an estimate of $6.3B was put forward by the data scientists regarding XR hardware and consumer software but 2020 is showing a lot more promising figures now.

Worldwide XR Revenue Update: Q2 2020Pin
Worldwide XR Revenue Update: Q2 2020

It is projected that the revenue will reach $6.9B, quashing the previously estimated figure.

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Now let’s talk about VR headsets. COVID-19 resulted in worldwide lockdown, consequently increased the demand for home entertainment.

The most in-demand hardware was the VR headsets despite their disrupted supply chain due to the lockdown.  This continued high demand combined with a new launch like HP Reverb G2, VR headsets are expected to generate $2.5B with a gradual every year.

The best selling VR was the Oculus Quest that outsold the PlayStation VR in Q2 amidst a restricted supply chain. During the last quarter of 2017 till Q3 2019, PSVR dominated but after Q4 2019, Oculus Quest reigned.

The numbers tell us that Oculus Quest will remain the best selling VR at least till the end of 2021.

When we talk about location-based entertainment, it is projected to continue on the downward trend due to the pandemic. When compared to 2019, the spending this year will be roughly one quarter but the long-term impact is worrisome.

It is estimated that spending in 2023 will still be 29% lower when compared to total spending in 2019.

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Worldwide XR Revenue Update- Q2 2020 – Game PodcastGames PodcastsGames Podcast

When taken into account the growth outlook for AR/MR headsets, it too shows a downward trend. The AR/MR headsets will only account for 23% of all the revenue of XR by 2023 proving wrong the previously predicted projection of 36%.

Companies like Magic Leap and North struggled hard in this period, North got acquired by Google and Magic Leap had to do mass layoffs.

Furthermore, it is estimated that the Apple AR headset will give a much-needed boost to the AR market but it won’t happen anytime sooner.

And lastly, Pokemon GO turned out to be a bright spot for mobile AR with a 12% rise in earnings in Q2 2020.

These were some of the business insights and geeky stuff in the gaming industry. For some, this pandemic is turning out to be a blessing and for some a bane.

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