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Game news 2022; sites with the best gaming news?

Here is a list of The Best Game News Sites 2022. Everything you look when it comes to gaming!

If you’re into best game news that concerns gaming and more over into news sources where you can find the latest news around game reviews, launch dates, industry fasts and more, you’re in the best of luck.

Looking for a new source for the latest gaming news and the odd scoop? Look no further, here’s five of the best games news sources in 2022.

Best Game News 2022

There are so many sources for mobile games, PC or console or just plain simple industry news to bring these things together just for you, and your friends!

Whether you’re a hardcore PC gamerPS5 addict, mobile games player or someone who works in the gaming industry, or a casual gamer who enjoys the hobby, there’s something for all of you.

By the way, if you want to listen to our video game podcast, listen our episodes here. For our daily news, just check out our daily games news. This video game podcast is to inform you more about gaming, the games industry and latest trends and games and reports.

Update, check out our update with the best video games podcasts 2022.


Best Game News 2021
Best Game News 2021


The game industry is growing fast, so be sure to check our list of gaming news 2022.

Video Game News 2022 Sources;

  1. –  We’ve got it all here. Whether you want to keep updated on all the latest game news, analyse the ins and outs of your favourite games, or have a laugh with people who like games too. But also talks about NFTs, Play to earn games, crypto currencies, blockchain, metaverse, gaming guilds, web3 development, hyper-casual games and so on.


2. GamesBeat – Founded in 2006, VentureBeat is the leading source for transformative tech news and events that provide deep context to help business leaders make smart decisions and stay on top of breaking news.


3. PocketGamer – Pocket Gamer is a video game website that focuses on mobile, portable and handheld games. The site launched in 16 November 2005 and is published and owned by UK company Steel Media Ltd. The site covers all major portable and mobile gaming formats, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Nintendo Switch and others.


4. – is the market’s leading resource for all the latest daily game news and information regarding the world of videogames development. Also boasting one of the world’s biggest jobs boards for development positions, there is no better place than to market your company and products.


5. EsportsObserver– The Esports Observer is the world’s leading source for esports business game news and insights. TEO offers an integrated platform that enables companies to make the right decisions when venturing into the esports industry. TEO offers real-time business intelligence and reports, in addition to planning and hosting industry events and conferences. TEO’s ultimate goal is to increase transparency and foster growth in esports. TEO means Essential esports business news and data.


Video Gaming News

2021 will have some of the most exciting and entertaining video game news sources available.

Finally, for an inside look at the gaming industry including tips to get your foot in the door be sure to check out The Podcast Game Consultant.

Reinout te Brake is an Online Gaming Expert and Game Marketing Consultant with 20+ years of experience serving gaming companies and clients in the facets of Corporate Business Development, Fundraising, Mergers & Acquisitions, and User Acquisition.

Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, he has helped leading gaming investors, publishers, developers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs streamline the processes of idea creation, strategy development, branding, and execution.

Reinout te Brake - Inside Gaming News 24/7 - Best Game News 2021Pin
Reinout te Brake – Inside Gaming News 24/7 – Best Game News 2022

Reinout is adept in offering games consultancy services to gaming stakeholders, game studio founders, and management teams tailored to help them eradicate the barriers restricting technical, operational, strategic, and commercial acclivity. He leverages his years of field expertise and knowledge to help gaming companies and clients succeed in their pursuit of excellence.

Looking forward to lots of gaming news sites and more episodes in 2021. The best video gaming podcast of 2021 are here.

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Game Consultancy

Inside Gaming News is a project of Reinout te Brake, Your Video Gaming Consulting Firm. Reinout te Brake is fully dedicated video games consultant. His focus is to incorporate solutions to trending issues that gaming developers face in today’s world.

Reinout te Brake - Video Games Consulting
Reinout te Brake – Video Games Consulting

Next to that he is hands on with the following games consultancy and services; strategy, business development , fundraising, M&A and user acquisition, basicly everything that game studios have to deal with on a 24/7 basis.

Gaming News 24/7 - Reinout te Brake -  Video Games Podcast - Game Consultant - Video Gaming News 2021
Gaming News 24/7 – Reinout te Brake –  Video Games PodcastGame ConsultantVideo Gaming News 2022

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