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Esports and the gaming industry are capitalizing on the scene of marketing trends

in a way that more people watch esports than the NBA and Major Baseball League in the US. In an interview with Forbes, Thamba Tharmalingam COO of Enthusiast Gaming shares exciting insights about the potential of the gaming industry and how marketers can take advantage of this massive shift in the entertainment industry.

The gaming industry is now a $150 billion market in which more than 2.5 billion gamers play games. The numbers are huge and the opportunities for brands are just astronomical if a proper marketing strategy is applied. One of the best characteristics of this industry is that the gamer generation is extremely active and engages with the industry in a way that no other audience in other segments do. There are more than 90 million people that watch esports and as a marketer, if you are not engaging this segment, you are missing out on a huge chunk.

However, engaging the audience in the gaming industry requires one to go back to the basics of marketing. Understanding Generation Z or Millennial is imperative to devise a successful marketing strategy. Millennials are spending like 45 minutes to 3 hours daily in Gaming but the catch here is that gamers too have several segments and to capture each one of them the strategy has to change accordingly. The content is different for a different audience, for instance, if one is to capture a 7-12 years of age audience, the content needs to be brand-safe. This means that there must be no words or content that violates the rating “G”.

Esports, Gaming and Marketing trends - Gaming News
Esports, Gaming and Marketing trends – Gaming News

Another challenging aspect for marketers is the attention span of this audience; a mere eight seconds. This generation is trained in a way that digests information in a very high frequency. This audience won’t give more than a second to your ad if it is not related to them. Moreover, this generation also demands a two-way dialogue approach in marketing, they love to get social and would want to engage with you only if you are being authentic and honest.

Marketing strategy surely needs to adapt and invent ways to capitalize on this magnanimous opportunity provided by the multi-billion dollar gaming industry.

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