Falling Cryptos, Blockchain Games, and the Future

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain games!

What about the falling cryptos? The numbers for cryptocurrencies have stooped incredibly low in the past couple of weeks. Active cryptos investors have lost millions in the bearish run. The bloodbath had raised questions on everything associated with cryptos, however, it isn’t all bad out there. Blockchain-based games have seen an increase in venture numbers in the previous quarter of 2022.

Blockchain Games, Falling Cryptos, and the Future
Blockchain Games, Falling Cryptos, and the Future

And the way it is attracting investments, no wonder it will beat the last year’s tally.

Falling Cryptos, but not GameFi

The concept of Gamefi is the only cryptos domain out there that is showing promising signs despite the recent cryptos nose dive.

For those who don’t understand, Gamefi is a concept that allows players to earn real money from the game by selling their creations like maps, avatars, weapons, etc. to other players.

The game developers take their cut and the remaining ends up in the pocket of the creator/gamer in the form of tokens.

According to DappRadar, GameFi witnessed a whopping 2000% growth over the past year. The concept has seen tremendous success in countries with struggling economies, especially in South East Asian countries. Some are earning by playing games and or creating maps etc.

While others have followed the concept of game scholarship where they pay initial deposits to gamers who are good at it; the revenue is shared. The more gamers flocking to play to earn games, the more the Gamefi community expands and the coins associated with it become strong.

Blockchain gaming, Gamefi, and NFTs are in their nascent years, yet NFT games alone made $2.32 billion in revenue in the third quarter of 2022.

Blockchain Games, Falling Cryptos, and the Future
Blockchain Games, Falling Cryptos, and the Future

In addition, a careful analysis shows that blockchain-based games are gradually expanding and making ground. And the only way to enter gamefi or blockchain gaming is through cryptos currencies.

This is something that will lead investors to invest in Gamefi once the cryptos market stables. Moreover, some investors are speculating that Gamefi will eventually merge with the metaverse and will give birth to a new economy.

But with massive losses to investors with falling cryptos, blockchain gaming might as well witness a hiccup or two in terms of investments.

Stay tuned for more Blockchain Games News and cryptos!

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