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Best Games Marketing 2021

Definition of games marketing: games marketing is the tactic of advertising something inside a gameGames consoles and games on mobile are all the rage these days, so businesses can get pretty creative with where they place static ads and promotional videos.

Reinout te Brake - Video Games Consulting 2021Pin
Reinout te Brake – Video Games Consulting 2021

Your game’s target audience is the demographics and interests of the majority of it’s players. For example if you’re launching a match-3 puzzle game, your target audience is likely female, 35 years of age, and cares mostly about achievement over all other aspects of the game.

How do you engage gamers?
  1. Promote your top creators. The games industry has a large and wonderfully creative community. …
  2. Run a video blog. The creation of a game can often feel like a magical black box to many in the gaming community. …
  3. Run competitions on social media. …
  4. In-game holiday events. …
  5. Run a discord channel.
5 Steps On How To Become A Gaming Influencer On Twitch & Other Livestreaming Platforms
  1. Set Yourself Apart By Finding Your Gaming Niche. …
  2. Cultivate An Engaged Audience. …
  3. Develop A Cohesive Streaming Strategy. …
  4. Build Relationships With Other Influencers In Your Niche. …
  5. Partner With Non-Gaming Brands.
How do you market a video game, games marketing;
Attract new players and attract more press. Show and tell people about your game(s). Turn your website into a place where people want to spend some time reading the valuable and interesting articles that you have created. Bring in new players well after your official launch date.
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Games Marketing

Reinout is a games investor and strategic business consultant specializing in the games industry. Reinout established his credentials through his own successful investments, start-ups, consulting and (advisory) board positions that led through time to strong bonds with key stakeholders in this fast paced industry. He is known for his outstanding results in the gaming industry. He has worked with many game studios around the globe and is therefore well known in the international gaming industry.

With over 20+ years of experience, well known publishers, AAA+ game developers, serial gaming entrepreneurs and management teams of gaming corporations consult him on matters that behold financial, technical, operational, strategic and commercial.

Gaming News 24/7 - Reinout te Brake -  Video Games Podcast - Game Consultant - Video Gaming News 2021
Gaming News 24/7 – Reinout te Brake –  Video Games PodcastGame ConsultantVideo Gaming News 2021

I am observing and overseeing several boards of gaming companies. My trademark is to listen, strategize and give feedback to the stakeholders involved. I also represent management/founders towards shareholders and vice versa.