Weekly Gaming News Recap August 31st. – September 5th. 2020

Weekly Gaming News Recap August 31st – September 5th 2020

Weekly Gaming News Recap! It is sunday September 6th. Enjoy your weekend!

Ladies and gentlemen, a lot has happened this week in the gaming world; another eventful week has come to an end. A lot of news is worthy of mentioning, one recap article won’t do justice, so in this one, we will highlight some of the important news and stuff that you as a gamer must know.

Nintendo fans this is for you; Nintendo celebrates its 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros with the launch of Mario Battle Royale, Mario Kart AR, Super Mario Game and Watch, and more. And that is not it, Nintendo has decided to bring the original Super Mario All-Stars to Nintendo Switch.

An exciting thing about these announcements was the Mario Battle Royale, where you will be competing against other Mario players to see who survives the longest. Get ready to have Mario fest with your friends and family this holiday season.

Let’s talk about some numbers; according to a report released by Newzoo, Cloud Gaming revenue will reach $585m this year and $4.8b by 2023. A regional breakdown shows that two-thirds of this year’s revenue will come from the western market (North America and Europe.) The growth shown by Cloud Gaming is promising and is set to continue at full throttle; a great time to call dibs.

The developer of No Man Sky, Hello Games is working on a “huge, ambitious” new project. In an interview with Polygon, Sean Murray, the founder of the studio, disclosed that its team of 26 people has split into three, and one team is working on “a huge, ambitious game like No Man’s Sky.”

One thing is for sure that we have to wait a lot for this new game but the developer isn’t done with No Man’s Sky, plenty more is to come from the space exploration sandbox.

Now, let’s head towards China, an awesome Chinese open-world RPG Sands of Salazaar was released on Steam in January which sold more than 50000 copies in its first week; an immediate hit. Sadly for the English audience, there isn’t any translation as of yet.

Han-Squirrel Studio and XD Network announced that the English language release will come to Steam Early Access on the 22nd of this month. In the English model, more than 500,000-word script will be translated plus a new story content of 30 new quests.

The game is based on the fall of an old empire, leaving rival factions to control territory and seize power. You will be making friends and enemies, taking part in small brawls and full-scale wars. This game will surely quench your thirst for power, glory, and gold.

Weekly Gaming News Recap August 31st – September 5th 2020 - Game Podcasts - Video Games Podcast -
Weekly Gaming News Recap August 31st – September 5th 2020Game PodcastsVideo Games Podcast – Weekly Gaming News Recap

And lastly, let us see where the clash of titans is heading; Epic has once again resorted to court to restore Fortnite to Apples App Store as daily iOS Fortnite Players have dropped more than 60%. Epic is positive that Fortnite will be reinstated before the full hearing which is scheduled for 28 September.

On the contrary, Apple is adamant that Epic won’t be allowed a new developer account for at least a year, this will surely prove to be a big blow as there are one billion-plus iOS users and Epic won’t be able to get access to even a single new user.

That is about it for this week folks, your Weekly Gaming News Recap, see you next time. Have a great week ahead.


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