Top 10 Video Gaming Podcasts 2022

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The Top 10 list of video gaming podcasts 2022 is ready. We tried not to come up with the usual suspects, but fun game podcasts.

So whether you are a hardcore gamer or a gaming enthusiast who loves to stay abreast of times, guess what, you just got lucky!

Today we will talk about the top 10 gaming podcasts that you need to follow in 2022. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Top 10 Video Gaming Podcasts 2022Pin
Top 10 Video Gaming Podcasts 2022
  1. Seven Days to Play:

An episode a week, this podcast is all about new mobile game reviews. A game genie and a game weenie, Sam and Edwin respectively challenge each other over a new mobile game. After a week of play both review the game and tells the audience with great insights.


  1. Mobile GameDev Playbook:

This podcast takes a deep dive into mobile gaming development. Podcast often comes with a winning combination and a perfect recipe for a successful mobile game. Once a month Joel Julkunen and Jon Jordan join hands to welcome guest mobile game developers to provide you with rich mobile gaming content.


  1. 59 Gaming:

With a domain authority of 65 and Alexa rank of 55.1k, 59 Gaming is a podcast that you can’t miss. It is a gaming brand that covers all the important discussions on PC games, Console games, and Mobile games. It airs with 3 episodes per week.


  1. Impossible Coin:

The trio of Tegan, Rocky, and Brian welcomes you in their weekly podcast and covers almost every modern video game. They discuss games hailing from every game category with a sense of humor.


  1. Apptivate:

It is a Berlin-based podcast by app retargeting specialist Remerge. This podcast focuses on the dynamic world of mobile marketing. Their guest panel often includes app experts and marketing game-changers. With an episode a week, this podcast covers incrementality, optimization, data science, and more.


  1. Tiny Nimble Podcast: A Mobile Gaming Show

Hosts Nimble Thor and Tiny Little Games cover all about mobile gaming in their quarterly podcast. Whether it is Android games, iOS games, future games, or past games, they comprehensively cover everything.


  1. Nintendo Dispatch:

An erudite trio of Christina, James, and Michael takes you on a ride in the Nintendo universe. It is all about Nintendo news, games, releases, platforms, merchandise, theme parks, and everything related to Nintendo. You can join them every week with a new episode and learn what Nintendo is up to.


  1. Gaming News:

Next in line we have, Gaming News. A games podcast based in Haarlem, Netherlands, is hosted by an expert game consultant Reinout te Brake. Gaming News airs every day to keep you updated on games, news on the gaming industry, game platforms, and more. There’s something for everyone in this podcast.

Reinout te Brake - Video Games Consulting 2021Pin
Reinout te Brake – Video Games Consulting 2021
  1. Apps, Games, and Insights:

This weekly podcast focuses on the latest news and discussions from industry experts, decision-makers and gaming enthusiasts, and the apps and games industry. This podcast also covers issues related to privacy and accessibility so stay tuned to their podcast for weekly updates.


  1. ValleyFlyin Smashin’ Time:

If you are a Marvel Strike Force fan, this podcast is exclusively for you. The host shares great insights and hobbies on the game. The podcast airs with an episode a week to keep you entertained and updated.

That was the Top 10 Video Gaming Podcasts 2021. Thank you for reading. If you know other games podcasts, then please let us know. Do send us an email. We are writing more game news aroud video game podcasts.

Inside Gaming News 24/7 - Reinout te Brake -  Games Podcast - Game Consultant - Best Video Gaming News 2021
Inside Gaming News 24/7 – Reinout te Brake –  Games PodcastGame ConsultantBest Video Gaming News 2021 – gaming podcasts 2022

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