Ubisoft and Parsec Partnership

Ubisoft & Parsec; Streaming partnership - Best Video Gaming News 2021 Pin

Ubisoft and Parsec Partnership

Ubisoft has gone deeper and farther into the world of game streaming by joining hands with new Parsec partnership. Game streaming and Ubisoft are no strangers given the past with Google Stadia but now it seems that Ubisoft is comfortable exploring and expanding this technology with new partners like Parsec.

Ubisoft and Parsec Partnership Pin
Ubisoft and Parsec Partnership

In a blog written by Parsec, this multi-year will see Ubisoft using Parsec’s platform and technology to “power in-game experiences, demos, events and other projects.”

Due to the recent pandemic, remote access to game demos and other gaming events have renewed the importance of game streaming and Ubisoft has done the same to enable them the advantages. Just a month ago, Assassins Creed publisher with the help of Parsec invited more the 1000 media personnel and game industry journalists to play the first-ever demos of Watch Dogs Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Many other publishers have taken the same approach, making it easy for the journalists to experience the game first hand and write reviews despite working remotely.

Cyberpunk 2077 publisher CD Projekt Red used Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming to allow access to media and press.

Ubisoft & Parsec; Streaming partnership Pin
Ubisoft & Parsec; Streaming partnership

Similarly, Google Stadia is being used by Bungie for testing on Destiny 2 and Microsoft made its Xbox development kits remote access on a special version of Project xCloud for its developers. As of yet, it is not clear whether Ubisoft will use Parsec any consumer-facing services or demos like Stadia.

Stadia is the only publicly available game streaming service and Microsoft is following suit by adding xCloud to Xbox Game Pass on the 15th of September.

Last year Ubisoft launched Uplay+, a subscription offering for PC but currently, it has yet to announce anything related to game streaming. Let’s see if they come up with their game streaming product or not.

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