Apple pulls Valve into its own legal battle against Epic Games

Apple pulls Valve: A new development has surfaced in the Apple versus Epic legal battle and it seems like It is resorting to sharp practice. A subpoena from last November came up which tells that Apple is filing for information about Valve’s revenues and games sold on Steam. However, Valve is not willing to get involved in the dispute and is fighting back.

Apple pulls Valve into its own legal battle against Epic GamesPin
Apple pulls Valve into its own legal battle against Epic Games

Earlier, PC Gamer reported about a joint discovery letter brief which revealed that. It is requested the information about Valve’s business back in November 2020. The need for this information was to counter Epic’s allegation of anti-competitive and monopolistic behavior with its policies in the App Store.

Legal teams of both Apple pulls Valve met following:

the subpoena but couldn’t reach an agreement. However, both have filed a letter asking the judge to provide a standing order.

The mac-company is of the view that Valve can provide highly relevant information to the case as Valve is a leading games distributor and a direct competitor of Epic Game Store. It wants Valve to share information related to its yearly sales of apps and in-app products. In addition to this, Apple also seeks info about Valve’s annual advertising revenues, annual revenues, sales of external products, and annual earnings from Steam.

Valve on the other hand says that the request is overboard and it puts too heavy a burden on Valve which is non-party to the ongoing legal suit. Moreover, Valve also added that Apple hasn’t shown “substantial need” for the info it seeks.

Valve said, “Somehow, in a dispute over mobile apps, a maker of PC games that does not compete in the mobile market or sell ‘apps’ is being portrayed as a key figure. It’s not.”

It seems that Valve will try its best to both avoid this request as well as being part of the Apple versus Epic saga.

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