Epic Games takes legal action against Google and Apple in the UK

Epic Games takes legal action against Google and Apple in the UK - Best Video Gaming News 2021Pin

Epic Games files a lawsuit against Apple and Google in the UK.

The US-based company Epic Games expanded its legal battle beyond borders and now filed new complaints in the UK. Epic Games approached Competition Appeal Tribunal against both Google and Apple.

The allegation is that both Apple and Google have “abused their dominant position” in the market and “engaged in anti-competitive agreements/concerted practices,” in the UK and the EU.

Epic Games takes legal action against Google and Apple in the UKPin
Epic takes legal action against Google and Apple in the UK

This battlefront is a new addition to the Apple Vs. Epic Saga. Epic Games’ legal action in the UK is another step to change the mobile ecosystem for good. Moreover, this is also another step in the ongoing campaign of Fortnite restoration on the App stores.  The two legal filings against Apple and Google in the UK were made last year on December 8 and 29 respectively. However, it was only made public last week by the Tribunal.

This all started when Epic Games introduced a direct payment method in Fortnite to avoid the hefty commission of 30%. This resulted in the breach of developer agreements and both Apple and Google ousted Fortnite from their App stores. Epic then responded with anti-trust lawsuits and now the legal battle has reached the UK.

Now, the firm is calling on the Competition Appeal Tribunal to rule in favor of Epic. Epic Games is eyeing the restoration of Fortnite on both stores, and a direct payment method for its users.

Epic also wants the Tribunal to order Apple not to force the requirement that all software downloaded and payments handling will be done through the App Store.

As for Google, Epic seeks the ruling that prevents Google to preinstall Google Play on all Android devices in the UK. Epic also seeks to prevent Google from stopping manufacturers from entering into agreements for pre-installation of Epic Games Store.

Both Epic and Apple have their own say on the matter but what matters is the ruling. Say with us for more updates on the matter.

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