Activision’s Onslaught Against Hackers In Call Of Duty Warzone

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Activision’s onslaught against hackers in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is on an all-time high. Hackers are having a hard time this year following massive ban-waves especially the one that occurred this month. Raven Software is busy at work with consistent anti-cheat updates for PC and Activision later confirmed that it banned more than 30,000 accounts in a single day.

Activision’s Onslaught Against Hackers In Call Of Duty WarzonePin
Activision’s Onslaught Against Hackers In Call Of Duty Warzone

When we take into account this year’s ban wave and add them up, Activision has likely banned around 100,000 accounts so far. This number is massive but the question is; did the community feel its impact?

Warzone has a massive concurrent player base and millions play it every day. A large chunk of these players joins from PC where installing Warzone hacks and cheats are pretty easy. This allows cheaters to put console players in their crosshairs no matter the distance.

Despite the massive wave-ban, COD streamers and players on COD’s subreddit suggest that it is quite common to run into cheaters in every other game. Like every FPS game, players running into a hacker is hugely depends on their skill level. A player who has a kill to death ratio of 8 a game and wins daily is more susceptible to cheaters’ ill-gotten gains than a noob player.

Banning an account is not enough as hackers easily come up with a new email address and make a new account. Moreover, detecting and banning a machine’s unique hardware ID is also not enough as it too can be automatically spoofed by hacking software.

On the contrary, popular cheating and hacking websites still claim that their hacking software is “undetectable.” No wonder Call of Duty is plagued with hackers and cheating is still highly rampant in the game.

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