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Top 5 PC Games 2021 - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Top 5 PC Games 2021

PC gamers have a lot of options at their hand to get their fix like Steam, Epic Game Store, Xbox Game Pass,, etc. You can shop around at multiple venues and get the best price. Now, let’s talk about our top 5 PC games 2021.

Top 5 games - Playstation 5 - List - PS5 - 2021 - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Top 5 games list Playstation 5 for 2021

Getting your hands on a PS5 wasn’t an easy feat and if you have got yourself a one, you deserve a round of applause and a cookie. You must be wondering what to play on PS5, don’t exert much and relax; we are here with a suggestion of the top 5 games for PS5 the year 2021 that you should play on your next-gen console.

Digital Games - November 2020 - Spend - Earnings - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Digital Games Earned $11.5b in November 2020

This year has been great for the gaming industry as many new records were made and previously shattered. One such record is the best revenue generated in a month that is $11.5b. If we compare it with previous year’s November, the revenue is up 15% in which the mobile rose to 9% while PC grew 22%, a new record in its own. The game behind this surging growth in PC was World of Warcraft: Shadowlands which was massively praised by the audience.

MTG acquires Hutch for $375 million - Best Video Gaming News 2021

MTG acquires Hutch for $375 million

Hutch witnessed an increase of 158% year-on-year during the first nine months of the current year. The CEO of Hutch Games also released a statement and said, “We are excited to join MTG—in them we have found a home that believes in our values, supports us in our mission and can help take our company and our games to the next level.”

The PS5 September showcase event - Best Video Gaming News 2021

The PS5 September showcase event

Last night a massive next-gen news package was dropped. Following the suit of Microsoft, Sony finally announced some of the most awaited details of PS5. Raising the expectations of the fans, the PS5 September showcase event announced several game trailers and new game announcements. These new games included the much anticipated God of War, Hogwarts Legacy, and Final Fantasy XVI. So let’s jump right into the details, shall we?

PS5, Playstation 5 is coming in 2020 - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Best PS5 games of 2020

The best PS5 games of 2020 was a request from our visitors. So here it is! 2020 is more than halfway done and next-gen consoles are right around the corner. In today’s article, let’s talk about some of the most anticipated PS5 video games that are confirmed. Though several games are set to release but here we will round up some of them for you that will surely get you excited. Let’s highlight some of the games that you should consider picking up.